Displaying images in table from URL

I have a table with two columns of URLs, one of the columns is all image URLs. I would like to display the images in the cell within that column.

I've been able to return the data through a REST API call, so I use a transformer on the query (called search) that says:
var object = search.data
return object

And then within the table I just use {{ search.data }}.

I'm trying to use the Mapper field on the image column to write the correct code to display the images, but I can't figure out how to write it so that it applies to each URL in the column, not just one specific url pasted into the code. Let me know if you have an idea for this! Thanks.

Hey @gpoll, and welcome to the community! In the column mapper, you can use self to refer to the value in any particular cell. So you might try something like self.imageURL in curly braces ({{ self.imageUrl). If the imageUrl exists in a different column, you can use {{ currentRow.imageColumn.imageUrl }}. Let me know if this helps!