Displaying data from a table in a plotly chart on mobile app

Hi All,

I’m struggling to follow the Plotly examples and would be grateful for some help.

I’ve built a mobile app that helps track the body score of our animals. Each animal is scored from 1-5. I have a table that records 3 items per record, the animals score, their name and the date.

I’d like to generate a plotly line chart that shows the selected animal’s score (score axis) over the duration of the records for them (time axis).

I’m assuming I need a query to filter scores for the selected animal.

Then I need to get those values (the scores and their dates) into the plotly chat. But I’m unclear how to pass the results of my query to plotly - as I don’t see the screen like the example either.

Would be very grateful if anyone had the time to pull together some basic instructions or an example of how to pass values to plotly as the current example are quite complex and sadly I can’t get my head around them :frowning: