Displaying a Clickable Url in Table based on api data

I am a complete newbie here, however I just setup my new app and finally got it to display everything in the table these items are products from a website. I have been scratching my head as what calls I need to make within that field to pull and display an URL or a Button that you can click on to take you to that exact listing on the website? I would appreciate any help as I am just learning. I have attempting to find something like this here but no luck. Thank you in advance!


If you select your table, and then in the in inspect panel choose your column, you can change the column type to link (or button).

Hello @McGrom,

as a follow-up to @benbarry's suggestion, there is also an option to change the column type to "Button"

I appreciate the help, however I may have worded my question wrong. I knew how to ad those elements i just didn't know what script I would add to link or the button based on the reference api.

What data does the API return to you?