Display table with grouped items using rowspan


I am struggling to find a solution for displaying a table that would group rows with same values in a column. What I am looking for is shown in this example for rowspan attrribute in HTML: rowspan link

This grouping feature is not implemented as far as I see, so I would need to build one myself and I would greatly appreciate if some one could point me in right direction of how to go about making either a button or permanent table that would "rowspan" rows with same value (whcih ever way is the easiest.

You could use GROUP BY in your query so that the table will never show rows where the specific column value is duplicated? Can you share more information?

I don't want to hide grouped rows, but them like in the example I have linked.


This picture is another example to show what I mean where upper table is default table and bottom one is what I want to achieve at least in one column.

Hi @Nikola_Sestan Thanks for sharing these screenshots! This isn't natively supported, but I'll submit a feature request :blush:

You could put this code into a custom component for the time being:

I was wondering if is should be using html component or markdown with javascript or should I try to find maybe a "better" way of doing it and you suggestion just answered that. Thank you for submitting feature request.