Display array options into columns in the same table

Hey there, I am building my first app, and it seems like Retool is exactly what I need!

The only roadblock I have now is that I would like to parse array options and display them in separate columns within the same table.

Basically my Firestore documents are structured like this:

Title: ABC
Category: 123

Option 1 {
Title: xyz
Score: 10
Correct: false

Option 2 {
Title: 987
Score: 20
Correct: true

I would like to obtain a table like this:

Title | Category | Option 1: Title | Option 1: Score | Option 1: Correct | Option 2: Title ...

I know that I can build another table and get the array options as mentioned here: Display a table from array

But that's not what I am looking for, I would like to "add" new columns to the first table and display the array options. Any suggestions?

Hey @lesids!

:person_facepalming: this thread just came through to us, I'm so sorry for the delay.

Are you still blocked here by any chance? If so, happy to help!