Disconnection with MongoDB after several minutes

Hi guys.
We have some issue i have no clue about reason.

We've built some apps to manage data stored in MongoDB databases (db ver. 4.0.0).

After several minutes (15-20) without any interactions with database when i try to perform some action (like running read or update queries) i'm getting these two issues:

  1. Attempted to check out a connection from closed connection pool
  2. Cannot use a session that has ended

What do you think could be a reason?

It's more about configuration, or retool itself ?

Best regards,

Hey @Kwapa, can you share what Retool version you are on, and the resource configuration screen as well. Does this happen for all your Mongo query action types, or only specific ones? Thanks!

hello @joeBumbaca
Thank you for reaching out to me!
I use 3.16.0 version of Retool.

I think it happens to every Mongo query.

Here's configuration you asked for.

Let me know if you need something more :slight_smile: