Disconnect between apps & workflows?

We seem to be having issues where our apps are not communicating properly with our workflows. Happening in multiple throughout various apps.

Hey @Nick_Goudreau - Can you add some context on what you're seeing and when you started seeing it? Also can you DM over your Retool subdomain? Not seeing a cloud account associated with your community email.

We have an app that calls a workflow, the workflow per se seems to be working but when we call it from the app we got this error {"message":"Your request reached the synchronous timeout. Your workflow is still running async"}

This same error happens on multiple apps

Synchronously waiting for a workflow response with whatever client (be it a Retool app, curl from the command line, or any other app) has a hard-coded timeout of 3 minutes currently. The workflow will continue to run up until the max timeout after that though.

These are pretty simple workflows that generally run within within a couple seconds. How do I communicate directly with you to send over the subdomain and some links where the issue is happening?

You can click on the user profile -> message

lol swear I'm not an idiot -- definitely no message button to click.

subdomain is bidllama.retoool.com

Edit: created a new profile with the same email that's tied to our domain.

All good, which workflows? Can I hop in and take a look? Also when did you start noticing the behavior, was it recently?

Of course.

barcodeGenerator is the one I desperately need back live.

Although, looking through the workflows it appears that almost all of them that run off of a webhook have failed recently.

Issue happened in the last few hours.

Thanks for the details, working with our workflows team now. It does look like something's off, we're working on rolling something out here shortly and will keep you updated!

Thanks! If it's helpful, it looks like the issue started between 10:08am and 12:38pm cst.

Can you check on how things are looking now?

Looks to be back up and running. Thanks for your help!

No problem at all, sorry about that and thanks for flagging! We'll loop back internally on the deployment issue we ran into to make sure we don't hit that again :smiley: