Disabled query with table changesetArray, it's still running when there's no change in the table

Hi, y'all, I have an app in which, most of the queries run every minute, but other queries which are set to run manually, and are disable by changesetArray.length < 1, how ever they still run giving me this

  • Goal: Queries don't run when input source is updated, rather when it's asked to run.

  • Steps:
    Setting the query to run manually, didn't work
    Setting the disable query to when changesetArray.length < 1, same result.

  • Details: Disable query: {{changeRequestTable.changesetArray.length < 1}}

  • Screenshots: image

Hard to tell what's happening without having more information about the changeSetArrya / screen shots, query Advanced tab, etc.. Can you share more details?

Is this what you are asking about?

Yep - and it still runs?

Yes, which is weird, not that one alone too!
And the changesetArray doesn't change at all from my end.

Could be called from somewhere else? and definitely set to run manually?
Maybe also set changeSetArray in Disable query to be === 0

I don’t think so, the original post contains what runs it, some queries are run when its input is updated, and it gets its input from 2 places, so it runs twice.

I don’t know how to do that.

If it get's inputs from 2 different places, where else aside from the changeSetArray as it may run regardless....

It updates from where it gets its data,

For example, each pic will have the reason why a query is run from all its sources, which it shouldn't

Here is another example, please note that updating the table (in this example), updates the changeset array, -red dot- (I don't understand how)

Looks like the HERE.trigger is called on page load which then calls Requests.trigger() which then calls changeRequestsTable..... so start from the bottom of the error message and go up and remove the success event handlers and call the queries in another way

the thing is, the (Requests) is the input of the table, and (HERE) is the input for requests
I don't mind them getting triggered, I just want that specific function not to run when its input is updated (changeRequest2Add2)