Disable form submission using return key

Is it possible to disable the return key from submitting a form? I have a complex form with multiple text fields and it's easy to press it early by accident.

Thanks for any help

There is a Disable submit within the form component, maybe that's what you are looking for?

Thanks but that option also disables the submit button, whereas I want the button to work, but the return key not to.

Ah, I see. I had assumed you could place some business logic within the form's Disable submit property that would toggle the value to false when the minimum viable input was achieved.

Some other ideas

  • Have you tried overwriting the shortcut for that app?

  • There's a "Show a confirmation modal before running" option available within the Advanced tab of a query.

Hey @DavidS!

To add to the suggestions @matth posted for possible workarounds here, you might also consider disabling form submission

creating a new button to manually trigger the query that would otherwise handle your submission

and then potentially setting a success handler on it to clear the form:

Let us know if any of these suggestions end up working for you!

Thank you, both of these are great tips. I didn't realise there was a submission confirmation dialogue option.