Disable button when true - not seeming to work


I'm trying to disable a button when the value of a field, in a selectedRow, in a table is empty - but, it seems to still be disabled, even when the field is not empty.

I guess this is likely just something wrong with my code, but any help you can provide is appreciated:

{{tbl_matrix_records.selectedRow.data.matrix_image_url.value === ""}


When you hover over the value of
tbl_matrix_records.selectedRow.data.matrix_image_url.value - what is the value?
Maybe try the following:
{{tbl_matrix_records.selectedRow.data.matrix_image_url.value === "" || {tbl_matrix_records.selectedRow.data.matrix_image_url.value === null || {tbl_matrix_records.selectedRow.data.matrix_image_url.value === undefined}}

Thanks for the reply Scott.
I already tried null.... didn't work.....

So, when I hover over (using examples above) it shows:

"" = false
null = false
undefined = true

So it seems to be doing the 'logic' part for me, which isn't as intended......

That's odd because the following works for me - and the row you selected is the one with undefined data?

I believe so, if you look at original post with image - you can see the value of the field on the lefthand side

Very odd - but you are missing the second bracket in the disabled when true field...
} it should end in }}

Yes, I already spotted that - but it didn't make a difference.
It's not urgent, I'm sure I'll figure it out along the way.
Thanks again for your help,

So that looks correct - what happens when you select a row without an image url?

Yeah, seems correct to me as well.

Just chiming in to say you could also try using Lodash _.isEmpty();, especially if you wanted to try and capture multiple possibilities like "", undefined, and null.

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So - I thought i was testing that, but then realised I had populated also with a url..... I have now deleted that.

This is the message I get. Which I do not fully understand. Although, it seems to be that it is not able to process the 'null' value (as it is not a value? (shows as null in the code inspector window (sorry, don't know the name)

Screenshot 2023-01-17 at 18.53.24

Remove value
{{tbl_matrix_records.selectedRow.data.matrix_image_url === "" || {tbl_matrix_records.selectedRow.data.matrix_image_url === null || {tbl_matrix_records.selectedRow.data.matrix_image_url === undefined}}

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{{tbl_matrix_records.selectedRow.data.matrix_image_url === null}}

This did it! Thank you.

Actually, I removed value earlier, but my checking syntax (===) was wrong - and so I forgot to go back and try again.

thanks again, works as it should now,

Do you know,

is there a way to also disable this button if the table itself is empty?


Right now it is linked to the records that appear in that table. And, as it stands just now - if there are no records, the button is enabled.

You can try to hide the button if
{{tbl_matrix_records.data === null || tbl_matrix_records === undefined}}

Unfortunately that didn't work, but I was able to test it by looking at some other properties that might help - I added index to the second statement:

{{tbl_matrix_records.data === null || tbl_matrix_records.index === undefined}}

That at least got it working - but didn't function as normal because when records were added to the table it was still hidden.

Hi @maillme How about something like this that is checking if there is table data OR if the selected row's value is null?