Different results for Google Sheet queries

Hi, I'm receiving two different results when querying Google Sheets in my workflows. One gives me the column structure, other is json. Screenshot attached. Any ideas?

@victoria not sure who to tag. Would you be able to help?

They technically aren't two different results. It's just that one (the first one) is displayed to you in a tabular format, while the second one is displayed in raw form (a list of json objects). This is probably because of the # of rows being greater in the second query. Programatically both will be in the form of a list of json objects and you would access/use them the same way.

I'm running a simple SQL afterwards but with differently presented results, it doesn't work.

Below query works fine for "Purchase_Orders.data" but for "Transfer_Orders" returns an empty array.

What would be the best way to approach it? I'm exploring myself in the meantime

SELECT SKU, column1, column2, etc...
FROM {{ Purchase_Orders.data }}
WHERE SKU IN ({{startTrigger.data.text}})

For anyone having a similar problem, I used "return formatDataAsObject(query13.data)" in JAVASCRIPT and it helped with having desired formatting