Difference between 'regular' and enterprise docker


I just noticed that on Docker Hub there are 2 versions/tags for docker. ' Regular' docker (3.0.6 or latest) and Enterprise docker (3.0.6-enterprise or latest-enterprise).

Is there any difference between these two? We have an Enterprise license, but I'm running the regular docker.

Hi @mbruijnpff!

The tags with the -enterprise flag support container-level proxying for orgs that are deploying with docker-compose or kubernetes, but otherwise don't have any additional features. Being on the enterprise plan doesn't mean you need to switch over, there's also support for setting up proxies using the HTTP_PROXY environment variable. These images are just for orgs that require a more comprehensive proxy solution (e.g. needing source control requests to be proxied).

The naming convention is a bit confusing and has been noted by the dev team, we'll be switching to the tryretool/backend-proxified repository to hold these images going forward.

Thanks for raising this issue here!

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