Deleting from Google Sheet - Certain columns work, certain columns don't

I am trying to add a delete button for my application. I was initially using a field which was set to a primary key, but was user entered data. One of my users has entered duplicate value and now my delete button won't work as it was filtered using a field which now has duplicate values

I have amended my google sheet to have an serial column, giving each record its own ID. However, when I try and delete based on this ID, I get:

" * message:"Your filters matched no rows, so nothing was deleted from your sheet."

If I set back to using my "name" (or other) columns, I can delete any row within my database, providing it isn't a duplicate. However I haven't been able to implement the delete query based on the row_id

This is the filter, showing I can delete based on name if not duplicated

This is showing I cannot delete duplicates

This is what happens when I try and filter using row_id

Does anyone have any idea's on what I am doing wrong?

row_id is set as the primary key, and I have tried setting the data type as string, and as text, and neither works

Hey @Kevin_Taivu :wave:
Thanks for your question and welcome to the forum! I'm curious, if you try running a SQL query that selects everything where row_id = 51, what is returned?