Default values for queries in query library disappeared, unable to save new ones

My default values that I set in one of my apps for queries from the Query Library suddenly disappeared, and whenever I replace them and hit Save & Run, they just disappear. Anyone else having this issue?

Yes, I had something like that happen too. For me, I set up the inputs on my Query to have a default value, and then on the app/module side, I think that I should be able to modify the inputs. But, like you said, whenever I modify the input on the module/app side, I am unable to save it, and it continually reverts to the default.

My workaround was that I just changed the default input on the Query in the Query Library, but this wouldn't work if you are using the Query in more than one app/module, and it needed different values in each one.

Thanks for responding! It turns out this was a bug on Retool's side; I contacted support and they reverted some of the latest changes and it seemed to solve the issue.

From my perspective, it seems like the issue was that I had the editor pane open for that particular app and something got into a funky state where I could no longer update the value for the query. Kind of scary (it broke my app for a few hours) but :man_shrugging:t5: such is life.