Default value for Filter component?

  • Goal:

I want to set a default value for my filter component. Note: This is not the filters on a table, this is Filter component that's linked to a table, i.e.: Filter | Retool Component Library

  • Steps:

Looked through the UI, don't see anything

There doesnt seem to be a default value option for that component, but you can use event handler on a query that runs on load for example to set value to it like this.

Also worth noting is that tables themselves have default filters option

Hope this helps.

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+1 to @Milan_Kalem's suggestion! You can set Default Filters for a Table and they will apply to the toolbar's built-in Filter, but it looks like this doesn't work when a Filter component is linked to the Table separately :thinking: I will file a ticket for our team to support this! In the meantime the workaround should work