Default parameters on application load


On application loading, I need to be sure that some values or parameters are defined. In example, I need to be sure that all the drawer panes will be hidden, that some switches will be "off".
How to can define that. I don't see any app load event. I didn't find any answer in the community about that neither in the tutorials.
Would you mind helping me a little ?


Hi @cvo

it really depends on you're handling those parameters.

Using a Retool Variable, for example, it gets the value you specify in the setting field every time you load the app.

Or you can use a Retool Transformer to add further logic, i.e. setting a value under certain conditions.

Hope this help.

My mistake, I realize I wasn't that clear. I don't see any event like "application load". So how to trigger value assignment to a variable and show a modal frame when an application start ?


Create a variable with initial value false.
Use that variable in the hidden prop of the Modal.
Change that variable if you want to show/hide the Modal programmatically.