Default Column Naming

Is there a way to set the default naming convention for columns returned from a query? For example: if a query returns the column FIRST_NAME when it is pulled into a table the default label is 'First name'. While the space is helpful, it is usually still necessary to go in a capitalize every word after the first. Something along the lines of PascalCase with spaces would be helpful if that's an option.

You can in the query do the following:

select first_name AS "First Name"

Correct but I was hoping there was a more default way so if there is numerous columns each one wouldn't need manual changes. If not, manually changing them will work.

The NEW table component does do that AFAIK, so not sure if you are using the Table component or the Legacy one

This would be the NEW table component

Yes it does: I didn't change anything in the initial query payload...

Screenshot 2023-10-25 at 2.29.01 PM

Hi there,

Dynamic column settings could be a way to solve your case.

There are trade offs with this approach. If you want all columns to be set up dynamically, then you need to add your data source to the table, then delete all columns in the "Columns" section of the table configuration, and then enable dynamic column settings. This will allow you to set up a formula (as shown in my screenshot) for how the table should display the column labels.

On the other hand, deleting all of the columns in the table configuration can make it more tedious if you need to set up customizations for each column.

As an alternative to renaming columns in the query, you could manually rename each column's label in the table configuration: