Debug bar always on?!

Not checked the option in settings->beta to have the console enabled but it appears to be on every app now.
Have checked and unchecked it, no change. Seems to have been set to show always, by default. Please help me get rid of it?

cloud hosted v. 2.99.1

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Hi @dcartlidge

Thanks for reaching out! We are working on removing the toggle, as our team recently added this feature to all cloud orgs. It's no longer an opt-in/opt-out feature. Do you have any feedback on the status bar or debug console? Happy to share any feedback with our team internally!

My feedback is that this should be managed at the app level and only in edit mode and perhaps for specific roles though that may be too granular to manage


Agree with Scott. We are having serious issues currently. Only major changes to our system has been the debug bar and its making our browsers (Firefox and Chrome) both become unresponsive at random times and it seems like its seriously slowed down loading times in general. Ability to disable this is a must. Normal users have no need to see debug bar, only in edit mode please.

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That being said I really like the feature while editing. Its very nice.

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@stevenhdsdoor Thanks for letting us know! We are investigating performance issues related to the debug panel. I will update this thread as I get updates. If you'd like, we can temporarily remove the feature entirely from your instance while we look into this. Just let us know your Retool subdomain either here or by emailing

@ScottR Thank you! We'll also submit a feature request for more permission options

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I didn't think that would be an option honestly, sent a message into support. Thanks!

I don't understand the reasoning for it being enforced for all users and don't recall an update explaining this would be happening? Apologies if I missed that.

It takes up screen real estate, which is already an issue for us due to the limited sizing options in Retool and as other users have noted it seems to be impacting performance too.

There's really no need in my Org for it to be enabled for all apps and all users and certainly not in preview mode.
In edit mode or by user or at an app level is much more appropriate.

I'd like it to be removed by default and ideally toggled at a user level.


Hi @dcartlidge! Thanks for this additional feedback-it's very helpful. I'll share this with the team. We have some more general info on the launch here:

If you're on the Business plan & have users that are restricted to use-only permissions, they will not see this feature. It's only visible in Preview mode for users with edit access. I'll still submit a request to potentially offer an option to hide it for all users in Preview mode.

Our on-call engineering team is working on a fix for the reported performance issues, but please do let us know if you're still seeing any performance issues. While our engineers continue to investigate, we are exposing a way for users to toggle this feature on/off from the Settings->Beta page.

Quick update here! The debug console should be working as expected with no related performance issues! Please let us know if you're still seeing any issues with performance moving forward