DB errors in character builder for a TTRPG

Hello, I'm working on a character builder for a TTRPG using retool, i have a question about my database. I'm using the code "SELECT * FROM races, roles" is that the best way to call my DB? because I'm having issues with it when I run it like that. it's connected but the two problems I'm getting is that the id's start again and only go from 1-10, then repeat for all class/ roll combinations (they don't continue), and that for the races i cant just reference [1] for some reason I have to increment by 10's [10],[20] ect to get the races. not sure what I'm doing wrong. any advice would be appreciated.

Hi @Vaultkeeper Thanks for reaching out! What database are you using?

Are races & roles different tables in your database? You may need to write a join query or write two separate queries (query 1: select * from races, query2: select * from roles)

For the second part of your question, it may be helpful to see some screenshots - thanks!