Date shows as Date/Time but I can't format it

Newbie here! I have a Due Date column that shows as the following:

Due Date
20220610 00:00:00.000
20220527 00:00:00.000
20220725 00:00:00.000

I only want to see the date value in mm/dd/yyyy format, but when I use {{moment(self).format("MMMM ddd yyyy")}} the value changes to Invalid date.

Can anybody help with this?

If this is in a table, you can select the column type as Date

Hey @jfoster! Just want to echo Scott's reply here. Date columns should give you the option to choose the format of your date without needing to specify it using moment:

If that's not working for you I'm curious to see more of what your setup looks like, would you mind sharing that with us?