Date picker calendar showing previous month as default

For some reason, the calendar in the date picker is defaulting to the previous month, even though it's already August.

I'm guessing this might be because we're in GMT+10 but the server might be on a different timezone? It's 15:00 here, which would be 05:00 UTC on 1 August.

Screenshots attached.



Have you set the default value to your timezone using moment?

Thanks for the suggestion @ScottR. We don't actually want to set a default value and leave it as D MMM YYYY, so it can be selected as the field is used as a reminder for a future date so having a default value will automatically fill in a date which we don't want. Hope that makes sense?

So you don't want a default value? Sorry - a little confused... just waking up having coffee :wink:

Haha, all good.

No, we didn't want a default value, but just wanting the calendar picker to show the right month, rather than the previous month. This isn't an issue now since we're firmly in August, but it seems to be the case when it's the 1st of the month, which I'm guessing is to do with timezones since we're GMT+10.

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Hi @moove I'm not seeing a great solution here :disappointed: It does seem timezone related. Based on the docs for this component, it looks like the timezone is automatically handled, and only the date time component has timezone management settings. We have a feature request for setting timezones at the org level, which could help here

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Thanks @Tess - we'll keep an eye on when that feature launches.