Date formatting

Hi - I'm looking to create a query that displays a date from the Retool database that is conditional based on a selection from a form.
I want to be able to select a conference from a dropdown menu and the date range display will show the start date and end date of that conference next to selection. I was able to do this by creating a table that displayed the data and using the selectedRow function but I would like to eliminate the table and pull directly from the database. I have been able to do this with other values that are strings/not dates but when I try with the date, I receive a "Not a valid date" error message. I see the query results and the value looks like a date... anyone know what's happening? Attaching all screenshots.

it should be

assuming ConferenceTable_conditional_startdate is the name of the query you are running

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Thanks Scott! That worked. I also had to convert from an array to a string by adding ['0'] to the end. Appreciate your help!