Customizing color of tags not working

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Hi all,

I'm not able to get custom tag coloring working despite trying a lot of different approaches in the post mentioned above.

From what I can see, self is an object rather than a string, so self === 'Active' is always going to be false.

This is the JS I have in Color:

{{ (self === 'Active') ? 'green' : 'red' }}

... everything is red.

ChatGPT suggested:

{{ (typeof self === 'string' && self.trim().toLowerCase() === 'active') ? 'green' : 'red' }}

Which is where I find self appears to be an object not a string

Main ss. Trying to make Status === 'Active' -> Green (to start with).

Self-hosted Retool Retool version 3.20.3


Hello, there is no need to have conditionals within the tag options

just setting the color like this should work

Oh shoot! (me) :man_facepalming:

Thanks @Oscar_Ortega