Custom url in public app sharing returns page not found

We are excited about the recent feature update that allows you to set a custom url for apps. We have a public app that where we have enabled use of the custom url in sharing, but as we visit the link, it returns a "page not found" response. The public app can still be visited when we disable use of the custom url when sharing. Has anyone else run into this? Possible fixes?

Hey Spencer, we released a fix for this earlier today. Are you still seeing it?

Yes. I deactivated all custom urls, and then turned it back on with a new url and still seeing the issue.

Got it, sorry to hear that. I sent you a DM to get some more specifics so we can get to the root of the issue.

Hey @Spencer_Olsen, we landed a fix for this today, and I spot checked your app and it looks like it's working now! Thanks for reporting this, and please do let me know if things aren't looking right.

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Looks like it's working, thank you!