Custom theme values not updated in Globals

Steps to reproduce:

  • create a custom theme
  • view the theme values in the global state

While Retool native components are correctly using my theme values (mostly), the Globals theme variable seems to use the default Retool theme values.

Accessing theme values can be helpful for custom components, e.g.
backgroundColor: model.theme.sufacePrimary

Hey @Ara!

Sorry for such a late reply here, this looks like buggy behavior but I haven't been able to reproduce it so far. Would you mind sharing what version you're seeing this on? Also, is this happening across all app/theme combinations or does it seem to be tied to a particular one?

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Hey @Kabirdas! We are using version 2.95.6. It's across all themes.

In fact, it looks like none of the global theme colors match what's set in our custom theme.

I see, thanks for that additional context! Were the globals previously populating with the correct values?

I've never seen the globals populate with the correct theme values.