Custom shortcuts and modules

I have set some custom shortcuts in a module and they work when I'm viewing that module. However, when I put that module into an app, the custom shortcuts no longer seem to work.

Is this a bug or expected behavior? Can't find anything about the intersection of custom shortcuts and modules in the documentation.

Is there a way to set custom shortcuts in an app that reference components/queries in a module? When I try to add custom shortcuts to an app that contains a module, the components/queries of the module don't autocomplete in the custom shortcuts action text field for me.

Hey @jeffbowen!

Happy to help here! I believe this functionality is not currently supported but definitely understand how this UI can be confusing. I'll make sure to fill out a bug report and keep this thread open as a fix is addressed, thanks for flagging!

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Thanks, Chris. For me, ideally the custom shortcuts set in a module could be inherited wherever the module is included and in the case of conflicting custom shortcuts in the parent, the parent's shortcut would take precedence.

Hey @jeffbowen — definitely agree, this would make the most sense. I've gone ahead and filed a bug report here and will keep this thread up to date as I hear back on this from my team! :)


Hey @Chris-Thompson - I am running into the same issue as described on this thread. Curious if you have any updates on a fix for this behavior.

Hey @Chris-Thompson - same issue here. Any updates?