Custom parameter in the body

Hi !

I'm having trouble sending a parameter to Stripe when creating a subscription.
The interval parameter in price_data > recurring is pre-selectable, and I can't manage to insert a variable. What should I do?


Hey @Hugo_Bauer!

At the moment enum fields for the Stripe API (and other OpenAPI resources) cannot be dynamically set and it doesn't look as though there are plans to support doing so in the foreseeable future :confused:

I can let you know if that changes, but in the meantime, you might try duplicating the query once you have it set up and dynamically selecting which query you run. You could also try using a REST API resource to query Stripe which would allow for more customizability in how you set up your queries.

I understand both are far from ideal, if you can share more about your use case I can help think of how to make them work better for you, or there might be another idea that it prompts!

I have read in this forum now often that you can switch to the REST resource for such problems.
But how do I get the token of the OpenAPI resource?

REST resources support a wide variety of authentication methods including custom auth. What exactly you need to do to pass the right token likely has to do with the particular endpoint you're trying to hit.

Stripe, for instance, uses an API key that you can pass as a bearer token, so you can configure your resource to always include it as a header:

The API key itself would be found in your Stripe dashboard.