Custom module is not re-rendering on state change

Hi -

When I change the value of the inputs for the custom modules, it does not rerender, even though the change is reflected in the state.

Am I missing a setting that would trigger the rerender, or is this a limitation of the custom modules?

Please see the demo of the issue here:

Thank you for your help.

Hey @Rada!

This is a bit tricky since you need to use .value to access the value of a module input and you need to use .value again to access the value of your temporary state:

So, as above, you can either pass {{ tempState.value }} and then access the input value using {{ input.value }}.

Otherwise, you can pass {{ tempState }} and then use {{ input.value.value}} but that might be less ideal.

Let me know if either works!

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Thank you very much @Kabirdas, we were able to implement this with your suggestion!