Custom login with a OpenAPI resource


We need to integrate with a Swagger/OpenAPI endpoint that has a /token endpoint. This endpoint returns a json with a bearer token. I want to use that bearer token to preform requests to other endpoints defined in the OpenAPI resource.

I've read the documentation of a Custom API authentication (Custom API authentication). I followed the steps and tried to use the magic variable (I defined a variable with the name "AUTH_TOKEN"). This doesn't work apparently according the documentation: Only usable with the gRPC, REST API and GraphQL resources.

Is there another way to use a custom login in an OpenAPI resource?

Thanks in advance.


Hey @Dennis_De_Reyer! This is unfortunately an ongoing feature request, so there's not currently a way to get custom auth + OpenAPI to work in Retool just yet, but I'll keep this thread updated.

Hey Dennis! Just wanted to update this thread and let you know we now support Custom Auth for OpenAPI resources :slight_smile: Let us know if you have any issues at all by creating a new thread!

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