Custom CSS overrides when switiching apps in editing mode


in the last few days I have come across the following problem several times. I was editing custom CSS in an app and while the custom CSS editor was still open, I changed the app via an in-app interaction (click of a button). This leads to the custom CSS from the original app being transferred to the app I switch to. The Custom CSS window does not seem to be bound to the app, so every custom css in the app you switch to is overwritten.

Please let me know if you need more information.

Looking forward to a solution and thanks in advance.

Hi @Valentin :wave:,

Thanks for waiting for us to get to your question. I tested out navigating between two apps with custom CSS, but couldn't reproduce the bug you were having.

Are you still having an issue? Maybe it's been resolved by an update or I'm missing something in my test apps. That sounds like a frustrating bug, so please let me know if it's still an issue!

Hi @AbbeyHernandez, unfortunately I am still experiencing this issue.

Important to note, that this is only happening while in "editing" mode of the app. So when you are editing the app and have the CSS settings open and then trigger something with a "Go to App" Event Handler it brings you to the new app which is in editing mode as well and the custom CSS settings just stay open while switching the apps, leading to the content being the same.

I created a screen recording which you can find here, showcasing it with two simple test apps.

Thanks in advance.


Hello @Valentin,

Thank you for this video. I was able to get this reproduced and have shared it with our engineers. I'll reach out when this is fixed.

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