Custom components don't render when viewing via public link

Hello. I'm having this weird issue with custom components and I wasn't able to find any relevant information on forum. I'd appreciate any help.

When viewing an app that contains custom components via public link, custom component aren't rendered at all and for each of those component I get an error like this:
"Widget for the type DynamicWidget_NewCustomComponents_HelloWorld not found."

I've created a new app and followed this guide:

but event with new clean app and new clean template custom components still don't render when viewing using public link

Here's the screenshot of the app in dev mode and public mode side by side

Here's the app json:

Hi @rafaelb Thank you for flagging! We're seeing the same issue on our side.

We've reported this as a bug to our team, and we'll reach out if we get any updates internally about a fix