Custom Component

My challenge for today is playing around with chat GPT-3 and figuring out what is possible. I am trying to create a GANTT component in Retool and it generated the following code. However, it is not rendering in the custom component. I would love to get this working. Any help is appreciated! To preface, I am not an expert in javascript so if this is not good code, please let me know.

const MyGanttChart = ({ data, model, modelUpdate }) => {
  // Create a GanttChart class
  class GanttChart {
    constructor() {
      // Initialize data for the chart = data;
      // Initialize a counter for unique IDs
      this.nextId = 0;

    // Define a method to add a new task to the chart
    addTask(name, start, end, parentId = null) {
      // Create a new task object
      const task = {
        id: this.nextId++,
      // Add the task to the chart data;
      // Return the unique ID of the new task

    // Define a method to render the chart
    render() {
      // Generate the HTML for the chart
      const html = `
          /* Style parent tasks differently */
          .gantt-chart li[data-parent-id] {
            background-color: #ddd;

          /* Style sub-tasks differently */
          .gantt-chart li[data-parent-id] li {
            background-color: #eee;

          /* Style collapsed tasks differently */
          .gantt-chart li[data-parent-id][data-collapsed=true] li {
            display: none;

          /* Style the expand/collapse buttons */
          .gantt-chart button {
            background-color: transparent;
            border: none;
            cursor: pointer;
            outline: none;
            padding: 0;
        <div class="gantt-chart">
            ${ => `
              <li data-parent-id="${task.parentId}" data-collapsed=false>
                  ${task.parentId ? `
                    <button onclick="toggleCollapsed('${}')">+</button>
                  ` : ''}
                <div>${task.start} - ${task.end}</div>
                ${task.children ? `
                    ${ => `
                      <li data-parent-id="${child.parentId}">

Hey @mullinsjo!

This looks super interesting! It seems like your post might be missing part of your code though, would you mind seeing if you can share the rest?

Also, are you using the React boilerplate mentioned here for your custom component, or perhaps one of the other examples?