Custom Component resize, set heightType to auto?

@Tess is this feature available for custom components developed via the new workflow? I have successfully created a custom component using the new guide but I cannot figure out how to make its height auto such that it always expands the size of the container it is a child of. This means there is a vertical scroll and the height of the custom component is fixed (based on what was dragged to the canvas OR manually changed on the canvas rather than dictated programmatically by an HTML/CSS setting).

@Tess - would love that on my account too, please. Thank you.

Hello @Tess , could you please activate the feature for our account grandshooting too please ?

@tess Can you add this beta feature to my account too, please? Thx

@cary.snyder_umbra, @Pierre_Humblot-Ferrero, @ubajay, @Robby_Ceyssens, @danielspeixoto Added for your orgs

@gileez I can't seem to find your org - could you share the subdomain if it's a Cloud account, or the account owner's email if it's a self-hosted account?

Looks like we're working on this feature for the new component beta still


When I use the auto height setting for our custom component which we use for ckeditor5 we are unable to copy/paste more then 140 characters of text in the custom component?
This problem doesn't happen when using the fixed height setting.

The auto height feature does work when displaying text in the custom component with ckeditor5 derived from a rest api.

Hello, I would like this feature too please too for my organization account! We have a custom component that renders multiple lines of text, and we need a dynamic height so the user doesn't have to scroll.

Hii @Tess
Is there any chance you could add this feature to our account?

Hi @Biren_Panchal Yes, which account? (what is the url of the account)

Thanks @Biren_Panchal added for both.

@Robby_Ceyssens thanks for flagging! I surfaced this feedback to the team that is working on auto height for custom components

Could you enable this feature for our account ? It's

Yes, added :blush:

@Tess could you please add this to our account as well?


Yes :blush:

@Tess could you add this to our account as well?

Thank you so much!

Yes, added

@Tess Could you add this to our account aswell?

Thanks a lot!

@Tess - would love that on my account too, please. Thank you.

It's been bothering us for a long time.
Nice to hear that we can expect a solution for this