Custom Auth variable issues

I've been trying to get my custom auth flow for a rest api setup. Our auth flow is a standard Refresh-access token exchange strategy. Currently im just having the user provide a refresh token. I'm trying to understand the custom variables, currently they don't seem to be accessible.

Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong?

Hi @Joseph_Hassell

What does the auth header look like for this setup (at the very top of the resource setup)?

What happens if you "Test auth workflow" and then "Test refresh auth workflow"? How is http1.body.accessToken defined in the test refresh workflow?

It looks like you can reference that defined variable from the auth workflow (**without the double curly brackets, i.e. remove {{}} around REFRESH_TOKEN), but I'm not sure yet if the refresh workflow will kickoff as needed for this use case. For context, the Auth Workflow is the list of steps that must be executed in order to prove the user is authenticated. Then, the Refresh Auth Workflow is the list of steps that are executed when a user has previously gone through the Auth Workflow but is no longer authenticated. It should fetch or return some artifact that can replace an existing (typically expired) variable.