Custom auth issue

I'm following doc Custom API authentication to create a session based authentication. I'm having a problem with API Login step because my login URL looks like this: with username&password sent in body. I don't know how to enter this URL into form to get it to work...



@Deunds Can you post some screenshots?

Here you go.


You need to add the Auth token as above. - depends on what you named it

I believe you're in a step forward. My issue is that URL to obtain token is: but I'm unable to enter it into proper fields, because that autocomplete mechanism is trying to be too clever

What do you mean that the autocomplete feature is too clever? Can you post a screenshot?

Since this is a unique syntax I wonder if defining a variable will help avoid the automatic parsing that Retool does to detect url parameters. Can you let me know if something like the following works for you as well?

it made the trick! Thanks indeed.