Custom Auth Flow

I am trying to use custom auth with api request I am reading from auth response and trying to create a header and value. But when I add Authorization as header name I am seeing Bearer mytoken is in valid header name.

Hey @Revanth_Kumar_Mulluri!

Does the request look any different if you use Bearer AUTH_TOKEN (without curlies) instead of Bearer {{AUTH_TOKEN}}?

Same issue tried multiple options. I am seeing the issue when my header name is Authorization.
If I change header name to AUTH I can see my backend getting header AUTH.

Can you try recreating the resource? If you previously used Authorization as a variable name it still might be recognizing it as a magic string which is why you'd be seeing Bearer ey... being used instead of just Authorization for the header name :thinking:

Recreated the resource which fixed the issue

I am experiencing the same problem. After recreating the resource I still have the same result. Is there any additional support options here @Kabirdas ?

@djacobsmeyer would you mind sharing a screenshot of your auth configuration with sensitive information redacted? I'm not sure exactly what would be going on for you but having that as context might help.