Custom auth does not work with gRPC in end user mode

  • Goal: I'm trying to use custom authentication with a gRPC resource, to make sure different end users will be authenticated differently when using said gRPC resource. I'm on self-hosted Retool.

  • Steps:

  1. Create a gRPC resource
  2. Enable custom auth. The content of this can be anything at all, doesn't matter.
  3. Add the resource to your application
  4. Observe that a small "Re-auth"-button appears within editor mode, indicating custom auth is working while in editor mode.
  5. Switch to end user mode (or even better, log into Retool using an user that only has end user mode), and observe that the custom auth is not triggered in any way.
  • Screenshots:

Observe that when custom auth is properly working (I'm able to do so with a REST resource), the "App resources" menu item is clickable under my profile sub-menu within the app. Clicking this menu item re-prompt my custom auth flow.

This is NOT the case when custom auth is not working, as with my gRPC resource. The menu item is greyed out. Clicking it does nothing.