Custom Auth auth trigger, time-based expiration not work

my api token expires in 24 hours, but retool not rerun auth

I can use api when I clicked the re-authenticate button,

expect: automatically re-authenticate when the token expires

You can get retool to do this automatically for you by recreating the process of regenerating your token under this section.\

In your case, the 2 steps you screenshot earlier

1) Post API Request

2)Define a Variable -- Oauth2_Token\

Hi there,

I am facing a similar issue with a graphql resource using custom auth, my refresh flow is already configured and I have a time-based expiry of 7200 seconds (set it to 4s for testing purposes)-

  1. Confirmed refresh auth workflow OK:

  2. Token expired as per "Check authentication status using current credentials":

  3. "Run" query - fails to refresh the token and returns the error message - "Custom Auth tokens expired. Last authenticated 449.266 seconds ago with expiry of 4 seconds."

  4. Opening the query in Query Library to manually re-authenticate:

  5. After which the query runs fine again

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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I'm seeing the same thing, @gangyistudios ... custom auth, query library, all tests pass, but it seems Retool is not trying to re-auth, it's just using the old token.

This seems to be working better today. I didn't change anything related to Auth - did someone kick one of the servers? :wink:

@gangyistudios is yours working better?