Custom API Auth: Getting HTML Attribute from http.body

Hello everyone,

I am currently working on authentication of an external API which uses SAML. I need to get a specific HTML element and use the value of it in my authentication flow. Is it possible to get an HTML attribute from the body of a previous API request?

http2": {
      "body": {
        "message": "..."},

I want to get the HTML attribute from message, but it is a string.

Hey @macoryx, unfortunately, you can't use JavaScript within custom auth flows at the moment so if you need to do actual parsing of the message string it would need to happen within an app. To help with this, you might consider using local storage and potentially even the query library to cut down on code duplication.

We can let you know here when we do support JS in custom auth flows!

Keep me in the loop please!

Hey folks!

Just want to give an update. An experimental feature for allowing JavaScript in custom auth has been rolled out to Cloud organizations :tada:

Curious to know if folks have been using it already and definitely let us know if you have any feedback!