currentRow and currentSourceRow in Table Actions

I've read several threads about the availability of currentRow and currentSourceRow in various elements of a table Action. I see that these objects are available for the Set Variable action, but not for the Run Script action. Is that by design? Or, am I missing something? Thanks.


The answer in part anyway is in this post.

  • In the Inspector panel for the Table (New), click on the equalizer icon next to Interaction
  • Find the "On Action Click" dropdown and click on it
  • Do Not Select the Row is the default, which is why SelectedRow is undefined when the user clicks on the Action button (if no row is already selected)
  • Choose either to replace any current row selection with the row over which the Action button was clicked or to add the row to the existing collection of selected rows.
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Hi @haj,

Thanks for reaching out!

I believe these are exposed in the Run Script action (no need for {{}}):

Let me know if it's not working on your app!