Current column context for Header Tooltips

I have an app that requires lots of documentation for each column. I'm trying to use the Header Tooltips to show this to the end user but there is no way that I can see for the context of the current mouse hover to be given to the tooltip code. {{ self }} isn't specific enough. We would like to be able to lookup to a documentation table using the header name. Can this be done in Retool using the latest version (3.10.1)?

You would probably have to JOIN a table in your original query to read the documentation and have that be in the result set of data populating your table. You could then populate the header tool tips with the data already in the data source for the table.

@ScottR thank you but that would not solve the issue. A JOIN would return the definition for every row in the data set. I would like a lookup where, given the name of a column in the data set, the definition would be returned once. How can I get this level of specificity from the table component?

You could, if you know the header name of each column, run a separate query and then take that data and insert it into each of the header tool tips... perhaps keeping it in the same order as the columns so that you could use something like {{[0]}}, {{[1]...}}

Interesting solution! To run a separate query for each header name, and then insert into the relevant header tooltip, it seems like I would need to be able to reference each column separately as I have requested. Otherwise, if the user decided to alter the order of the columns in Retool from the order in the query, it would end up with the wrong definition matched to the wrong column. This is because you are addressing the columns by index, instead of name. Would love to see working code of your proposed solution if you could share!

They shouldn't be able to alter the underlying information, but that being said for me to write code for this will be a bit and I am working at the moment... give it a shot and then let's see what happens!