Currency Column in Table sorting 0s after negative values

When trying to sort my table by this column, I cannot get negative values to appear after zeros. I have ensured that the underlying data piped into the table is actually 0, and I have also mapped the column with {{self || 0}} and enabled "sort by mapped column" with no success. How do I fix this?

Hi @webster! Thanks for surfacing this. We'll post here when there's an update on this bug. In the meantime can you try changing your mapper to {{self || 0.001}} as a workaround? The value should still display as "$0.00" but sort properly:

Mar-31-2022 11-23-24

This workaround works for now, thank you.

Hi @Kabirdas, this issue is also affecting me, when the column type is set to "currency" or "number" or "percent". The only way I can make the column sort correctly (without using the suggested mapped value) is by making sure the types of the elements are in the column are Number, and using the "auto" column type.

Could I bump this bug please? Having numeric types incorrectly sort in tables is extremely annoying.

Hey @joelg!

Thanks for bumping this, it has recently been moved higher on the priority list of things to fix for the engineering team and is definitely an annoying bug :grimacing:

Hey folks! Just want to report back here that as of 2.112.0 (shipped today) 0 should sort properly alongside negative values in numerical columns.