Creating stock management system

Hi any chance i can build a full stock management system with options like: stock report, master data management, list productos, edit product, stock transfer to another location, add opening inventory of a product, add new locations, etc. thank you

pd: i already have my mysql db, thinking in creating first a api with strapi what you guy think?

Definitely doable @agaitan026 :stuck_out_tongue:

theres any example_?

Not sure you are going to find many examples that others can share seeing as they are IP and tied to their table structures and such. You are on your own to create on it. But it can be done. I have built and order entry/inventory tracking system that does most of what you list and I could easily add the rest.

Start piece by piece. First off add a table to show all of your product and link it to your first query (Select * from Products.) Make your table editable and add a Bulk Update query and an Insert query for it. Then throw in a Modal that lets you add new locations. You get the idea. Step by step and you will learn the ropes.

May I see your example?

Here is a screenshot

Looks good, any chance to get that ? :slight_smile: