Creating REST API resource for a beginner


Excited to be a part of the Retool community -- seems like a powerful tool here.

I'm brand new to REST APIs, so I've got some noob questions:

I'm trying to create a new Retool Resource using a REST API, and my specific API uses a bearer token authentication scheme. Simple enough, I just need to add the bearer token as a global header in the Resource configuration screen.

My specific API documentation says "this token can then be provided in the Authorization header of your HTTP request" with the format curl -H "Authorization: Bearer [YOUR_TOKEN]" https://$HOSTNAME/v1/user

Thus, I believe my resource configuration should look something like this:

However, the API call still throws a 404 error. I imagine it has something to do with me not including "https://$HOSTNAME/v1/user" as a header somehow.

If someone could help me debug, or even send some resources for learning about APIs/authentication schemes, please let me know.

Thank you very much!

Hi @jordanp Thanks for reaching out on our community!

We have some general API documentation here: Let me know if any questions come from those docs