Creating invoice document using a predefined template

I would like to build an app(s) where user would be
(a) selecting a record in a table (invoice related data) and on clicking a button
(b) should get invoice lines from another table
(c) create an invoice document as per a predefined template (some thing like below, but not a plain text based invoice)

(d) save the created invoice document as PDF into database (Airtable)
(d) send the invoice PDF by mail to the customer and update database

I think I not quite sure how to implement step (c), especially having a predefined template to be populated with invoice related data.
Please suggest if there are any links / tutorials for this or at least a high-level approach. I hope this can be done without using any paid plugins or components/integrations.


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You could totally mock that up with custom CSS!

I just learned it this morning, and used it to add a little X and underline border to my "signature" display images.



So I bet you could position containers, add the blues and radii, use {{ }} for all the spots that need data, and finally utils.serializePage() or utils.downloadPage() to get the PDF.

Hi @srichint

you can definitely use an external service that generates a PDF out of a fetch with a payload.
They usually allow to set up a graphic template easily.
Then, you can do whatever you want with it, download or put into other services.

There are tons of them.

Hope this help.