Creating an item in one DynamoDB table, and need ID value from that successful create

I'm trying to create a record in one table, and then use the id value from the first record creation to create a record in a second table.

This would seem like a pretty simple operation, but I'm failing to see how to accomplish this in ReTool.

Hey @nbeatty2278!

Could you share a bit more about the type of resource you're using? It'd also be helpful to know where the row id is being generated (fronted or backend).

If the id is generated on the frontend you can likely use that same value for your second table with the right references. If it's in generated on the backend we'd be looking to make sure your create query returns the id of the new row.

If you can share screenshots of how you currently have the create query set up that'd also be super helpful :slightly_smiling_face: