Creating a Popup View Button Inside the New Retool Table

Hello there,

I'm seeking help on creating a popup view button inside the new Retool table. We achieved this in the legacy table but are struggling with the new version.

Any tips or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Legacy version

new version table

Hey @chesterlo,

The new Table components don't have a Modal type column. Our currently recommended workaround is:

  1. Use a Button type column
  2. Add a regular Modal component anywhere in your app
  3. In the Modal's settings, set its Hidden property to true
  4. Add an event handler to Control Component > modal1 > Open or Run Script >, where modal1 is the standalone Modal that is hidden from the canvas (so it can only be opened from the table)

Let me know if something like this might work for you, or if you need any clarification getting this set up!

Also, plugging our new Drawer Frames, as they might be helpful here!

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