Creating a "Date" Type Range Slider

I have an API query that returns only a minimum and maximum date, and I would like to create a range slider that allows the user to select this date. I am running into two issues, and an overarching issue of not being able to see the underlying JS to edit. Please see my screenshot below.

  1. Type is "string" and expects "number" to pass in a date, I guess have it interpreted as a number, but display a date for the end user?
  2. Setting default values here - I am assuming that the input below would be valid?

Currently, my slider just shows 0-0 since it is unable to interpret my input. Any suggestions on getting this to work?

Sample query result:

  "MaxDate": "2022-05-16",
  "MinDate": "2009-12-01"


Might be easier for you to use the date range component instead as the slider is looking for numbers in some fields within the component but you're sending dates....

Cool, didn't realize that this was an option! That worked for me, thanks!