Create table with parent/child records in the same form

The structure of my data has the same record layout, but some records are identified as parent records and others are related to the parent records, which I will call children of the parent. Is it possible to show these records in the form table in an outline (similar to Excel outline) where there is a plus/minus next to the parent and related records can be hidden or revealed? If so, when a user selects the column heading to sort the data or enters information in a field to filter the data, can the outline only appear when the parent and child records are together in the appropriate sort order for an outline?

I don't think so but you could have all parents in one table and children in another and show the children only when the parent row is clicked and perhaps disable parent selection if there are no children.... any same data you can provide? Perhaps there is another option like checkbox tree depending on your design and what you are trying to accomplish.

Thanks for your feedback. I plan to restructure my tables and, since I'm in a test mode now, can modify the data however I need to in order to accomplish my goal. With regard to the checkbox, how would that work. Can I assign a textbox to each parent record and have that checkbox open the related children records? If I'm not able to do this in an outline or checkbox tree format in the same table, I can set up another form for the children records. I'd like to avoid that because they all have the same record layout, there are a lot of columns and I need enough real estate to show both. I also need to enable three fields (in each table) for update and I'd need to have that in one place.

Have you ever used the Cascader component? It could work. If I understand how it's supposed to work, the parent would be in query1 tab and the children in query 2, presumably only the children of the selected parent. This would solve the real estate issue, but when you want to change a record, it looks like you'd need to scroll to the top to select the query 2 tab.

I have not but not sure what your design needs are so can't really say to use it or not