Create graph with 3 y-axis

Looking to build a graph with 3 variables and separate y-axis. Is this possible in retool? Excel supports this.


with the component Chart, you have access to the world of plotly.js

You should be able to create something nice :wink:

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I'm glad @MicExpert shared the plotly.js docs, since I agree the first places to start when building charts in Retool are the Retool charts and graphs docs, and the extensive Plotly.js documentation.

Looks like there's also some specific plotly.js reference documentation on creating multiple axes. There are also a handful of example charts in this repository, including the double y-axis one shown in the readme. And there's a section on multiple y-axes in our Retool docs too!

Just in case you're looking for more resources and want to see a past webinar the Retool did on the topic of building graphs/charts/dashboards in Retool, there's also this Technical Webinar: Building Data-Driven Dashboards in Retool. Some things, like the editor layout, have changed since that webinar was published. But the fundamentals of customizing Charts using the layout and data fields are the same, and it actually does walk through a 2 y-axis example (around 14 minute mark)!

Hope this points you in the right direction :slight_smile: :chart_with_downwards_trend: :chart_with_upwards_trend: :bar_chart: